Billets pour la catégorie Nabokov, Vladimir :

L'ombre et le double

Le narrateur a un frère siamois. Il raconte ses réflexions d'enfant à la vue d'un petit garçon sans double.
He [a child of seven or eight] cast a short blue shadow of the ground, and so did I, but in addition to that sketchy, and flat, and unstable companion which he and I owed to the sun and wich vanished in dull weather, I possessed yet another shadow, a palpable reflection of my corporal self, that I always had by me, at my left side, whereas my visitor had somehow manage to lose his, or had unhooked it and left it at home.

Vladimir Nabokov, "Scenes from the life of a Double Monster", in Nabokov's Dozen

La rose

I saw a rose in a glass on the table — the sugar pink of its obvious beauty, the parasitic air bubbles clinging to its stem. Her two spare dresses were gone, her comb was gone, her chequered coat was gone, and so was the mauve hair-band with a mauve bow that had been her hat. Ther was no note pinned to the pillow, nothing at all in the room to enlighten me, for of course the rose was merely what French rhymsters call ''une cheville''.

Vladimir Nabokov, "That in Aleppo once…", in Nabokov's Dozen

Le bouton perdu

'If metal is immortal, then somewhere
there lies the burnished button that I lost
upon my seventh birthday in a garden.
Find me that button and my soul will know
that every soul is saved ant stored and treasured.'

Vladimir Nabokov, "The Forgotten Poet" in Nabokov's Dozen, p.36

Illusion d'optique

The old man was never seen again. The quiet foreigners who had rented a certain quiet house for one quiet month had been innocent Dutchmen or Danes. It was but an optical trick. There is no green door, but only a grey one, which no human strenght can burst open. I have vainly searched through admirable encyclopedias: there is no philosopher called Pierre Labime.

Vladimir Nabokov, "The Assistant Producer" in Nabokov's Dozen

Changer d'ampoule

Only by heroic effort can I make myself unscrew a bulb that has died an inexplicable death and screw in another, wich will light up in my face with the ideous instancy of a dragon's egg hatching in one's bare hand.

Vladimir Nabokov, Lance, in Nabokov's Dozen, chapitre 1


Quietly, concealing himself in his own shadow, Vasili Ivanovitch followed the shore, and came to a kind of inn.

Vladimir Nabokov, "Cloud, Castle, Lake", in Nabokov's Dozen, p.95
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