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Le bouton perdu

'If metal is immortal, then somewhere
there lies the burnished button that I lost
upon my seventh birthday in a garden.
Find me that button and my soul will know
that every soul is saved ant stored and treasured.'

Vladimir Nabokov, "The Forgotten Poet" in Nabokov's Dozen, p.36

Illusion d'optique

The old man was never seen again. The quiet foreigners who had rented a certain quiet house for one quiet month had been innocent Dutchmen or Danes. It was but an optical trick. There is no green door, but only a grey one, which no human strenght can burst open. I have vainly searched through admirable encyclopedias: there is no philosopher called Pierre Labime.

Vladimir Nabokov, "The Assistant Producer" in Nabokov's Dozen
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